Meadfoot 30/07/2023

Meadfoot Beach was the chosen dive location by our Dive Manager Tony, for today's dive.

We have dived this beach previously but it was the first visit for this year.

Entry into the water as going to be a little tricky today as the tide was low and had exposed the seaweed on the slipway making it slippery.

A hands and knees backwards entry was required to avoid any mishaps. Not the most elegant.

Once accomplished the vis was about 2 to 3 metres and our sights were set on the rocky outcrop in the bay,  lets hope the navigation is up to scratch.

meadfoot 30jul 2
meadfoot 30 jul 1

We saw compass jellyfish, a starfish clinging to a rock, cuckoo wrasse and sea anemones.

The highlight was 2 lobsters but they were in a pot. We had managed to locate the only lobster pot in that part of the bay.

We also spotted plenty of Goby and a small flat fish.

Always lovely to get in the water and discover what's beneath.