Cawsands 13/08/23

cawsands 30aug 1

What a good day!!

FIRST DIVE FROM THE BOAT SINCE COVID and everyone is very excited.

Three divers out of the eight in the party had not experienced a boat dive before so there was a little apprehension.

The boat ride across Plymouth Sound and out towards Cawsands Bay as somewhat lumpy.

Fortunately everyone was well enough to dive when we reached calmer water in the lee of the headland.

We first dropped in onto sand which was home to many hermit crabs of various sizes.

Eyelash worms and fanworms appeared  in small batches with the fanworms disappearing down their tubes to safety as quick as lighting.

Then into the gullies where we found compass jellyfish, a spider crab feeding on a large group of whelks and a cuttlefish hiding out in the sand hoping it would not be spotted. After all, the cuttlefish are masters of disguise.

cawsands 30 aug 2

There was plenty of sea grass there too, a lot more that we remembered. Swimming over this, was a huge shoal of fish ( possibly Bib) which was mesmerizing. Plenty of wildlife and all the divers emerged from the water with big smiles.

A hugely successful day.