Babbacombe- 02/07/23

babbacombe 4

Beautiful day again at Babbacombe with plenty of divers taking advantage of the perfect conditions.

Three divers from the club enjoyed plenty of marine life during their 54 minute dive with five metres visibility.

Sea Life: cuttlefish, spider crabs, velvet swimming crabs, tompot blenny, prawns and several lobsters. Plenty of fish species and sand eels.


babbacombe 2

Highlight of the dive:

A lobster was walking out in the open and nearly succeeded in trying to pick him up. He had other ideas and catapulted himself back into his burrow so fast it was amazing.

bbabcombe 3

After the dive, an instructor and snorkeler went out, their first sea snorkel with the club after pool training.

Visibility was perfect, plenty of fish, shimmering sand eels, spider crabs perched on top of the kelp.

The highlight of the snorkel was a juvenile pipefish swimming above the kelp in open water.