Babbacombe – 25th October 2020


Four divers arrived at Babbacombe not sure what to expect as the weather had reported gale force winds and heavy showers. The sea was like a millpond, smooth and inviting. Even the sun was shining at times.

Visability in the water varied from 1 metre to 3metres in places.

Sarah was completing a open water lesson with Andy towards her Ocean Diver Qualification. All went well and she passed the lesson.


The two other divers has a long and interesting dive lasting 64 minutes. Despite the visability being unpredictable, underwater life was in abundance. It seems to be a lobster day as we lost count of how many we saw. There was even one out for a stroll. Amazing to watch. Common prawns made an appearance along with small edible crabs and the old faithful velvet swimming crabs. A conger eel was hiding under a huge rock while a tompot blenny sat happily in a tiny perfectly shaped round hole.

Another great dive!!