Babbacombe 12/06/22

WOW What a dive.

80 minutes of pleasure in the water discovering the treasures of our beautiful coastline and marine habitat.

There was  just the 2 divers from the club but well worth the drive down.

Shoals of juvenile fish and sand eels shimmered in the water with the sun coming through.  2 small cuttlefish put in an appearance. They are always a delight to watch while they move gracefully thorough the water their bodies change colour to reflect their surroundings.

A pipefish was resting between the rocks and the spider crabs were beginning the return to Babbacombe for their annual moult. We will expect to see a lot more returning in the coming weeks.

We also managed to frighten a unsuspecting dogfish whilst going through the kelp. First dogfish we have seen for years.