Club holiday to Mallorca and Menorca – September 2019

Our Club Holiday this year was a two resort holiday staying at the Viva Eden Lago at Alcudia in Mallorca then a short ferry crossing to stay at the Cala Blanca Sun at Cala Blanca Menorca. The accomodation was great, views and sightseeing wonderful and food abundant.

Weather was beautiful 24 to 26 degrees with the sea temperature being 24 degrees. It was lovely to dive in wet suits, no hoods and fabulous vis, 20 metres plus.

We did boat dives in the first week with Skualo Adventure Sport at Alcudia and shore dives on the second week with Dive Center Cala Blanca. Both dive centres were excellent and would recommend diving with them.

Sea floor was a combination of sand and rocks, what it lacked in colours was made up for in life. Colourful starfish and jellyfish, barracuda, stonefish, groupa, wrasse, sea urchins, amberjacks, scorpion fish were among the life seen. The highlight of each dive would be finding octopus, they are so well camouflaged they disappeared into the colours of the surrounding rocks. The guides were able to spot them, sometimes just seeing their eyes move, otherwise we would have swum by them. Moray eels were also seen on most dives. A particular favourite was a baby cuttlefish the size of a satsuma with its white and black markings.

A huge thankyou to Andy for organising the trip.