Brixham Breakwater 7/8/22

The sun was shining as the dry, beautiful weather continues when we arrived at Brixham Breakwater today. All 8 divers viewed the sea from the car park wall trying to decide what the visablity of the water was likely to be as there was a reasonable swell.

Plenty of cold water swimmers were taking the plunge so 3 groups of two divers took to the water in anticipation of a good dive while partners and children on shore enjoyed the facilities Brixham Breakwater has to offer.

On their return to the beach, it was discovered that the viz was a good 4 to 5 metres in some places and 1 to 2 metres in others but they all came back happy having seen crabs and scallops.

Adrian completed DO3, his next dive leader lessons, one more step closer to his qualification.

Our newest trainee also took to the water for the first time. After a few teething problems and completion of his buoyancy check, we explored the breakwater, where there were plenty of fish in a variety of sizes along with the bright orange sponges. A leopard goby also put in an appearance.

A good day had by all.