Diving with the seal

One of our members attended an Open Water Instructors Course at Bovisand at the end of June. Seven other club members supported her by using Bovisand as their dive site.  Life was not that abundant in the morning's dives but two open water training sessions were completed and a unique discovery of a shovel was made.

The instructors course were completing their training sessions during the afternoon to be  rudely interrupted by a inquistive seal. As always marine life comes unexpectantly and you have to grab it with both hands, not literally though. It was an amazing experience as the seal came around to our diver and kissed her shoulder, eye contact was made. A true pleasure to be in the water with such creatures. Then he played with two of the divers fins nudging and pushing them up under to the water.

Other club members were disappointed they missed out but there is always another day.

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