Budleigh Salterton Diving – 30th August 2020

A lovely sunny day for an afternoon dive at Budleigh.

This was a new site for several of the divers. Budleigh beach is similar to Chesil in Dorset with its long pebble ridge.

We were all looking forward to discovering what this site has to offer but walking up the ridge after a dive is going to be a challenge

During the dive a Dive Leader session was completed.

Budleigh has a reef parallel with the shore but there was a long swim out across a sandy bottom. It was full of life with numerous small and some really tiny hermit crabs.

Vizability was about 3 metres then finally the reef appeared.


Marine life did not disappoint as there was lobsters, a pipefish, numerous other fish darting in and out of the rocks along with a tompot blenny peering out from under the waving seaweed with its big bulging eyes.

The current was strong and appeared to get stronger on the swim back to shore so need to get the timing right with the tides. Finning was not really necessary and the sensation was one of flying or what it must feel like to be weightless in space.

Looking forward to diving there again in the future.