Brixham Breakwater 18/7/21

A lovely long dive of 57 minutes today at Brixham Breakwater.

5 club divers enjoyed their underwater visit with Sarah completing one of her Ocean Diver lessons. Perfect conditions for training as the sea was as flat as a mill pond. One more ticked off.

As for the underwater marine life,there was plenty to see!

There is a variety of habitats and underwater landscapes from the beautiful seagrass to seaweed, kelp and sandy bottoms. This supports a similar variety of life. Cuttlefish, pipefish, spider crabs, spiny carbs, velvet swimming crabs, edible and hermit crabs.

There were also scallops with their amazing display of how they move around, flying through the water which always looks comical but not often seen.

The fish weren't left out either.

A good day had by all.