Babbacombe 03/07/22

Flat calm sea awaited 4 divers when they arrived at Babbacombe this morning. Sun glistening off of the surface which made the sea inviting. All of us were hoping the visability was going to be good. First impressions looking over the sea wall looked promising.

We completed our buoyancy checks on entering the water as it was a first dive of the season for one member and only the second for the others.

In the shallows the spider crabs began to appear , then their numbers grew and grew. We had had reports that they had arrived and they certainly had . The sea bed was moving everywhere you looked as they are getting ready for their moult.

The visability reduced as we entered deeper water which made it sometimes difficult to see all the divers, probably 2 to 3 viz.  Lobsters were hiding in their holes but a dogfish swam gracefully towards us, then settled happily on a clearing below us. A first sighting for one of the divers. It always exciting when we see something new.

It was a pleasant 58 minutes dive with the sea temperature at 15 degrees.