1st dive of the year on the Scylla- September 2019


Everyone excited to dive the Scylla for the first time this year made possible after having the fresh engine purchased earlier in the year.

Some of our new coxes had the opportunity to drive the boat and feel the difference, especially with the ease of the new hydraulic steering.

Seven divers went out the the Scylla some experiencing their first boat dive ever. It is a strange feeling of the unknown when you descend down the line, never knowing what to expect until you get there. The wreck then appears out of the gloom, large and majestic covered in marine life.

Depending on your pervious diving experience you can chose your depth exploring the upper deck, bridge or descending further to explore the superstructure.

It is great to watch the fish swimming in and out of the bridge windows, watching the water surge in and out of the holes on the deck making the seaweeds wave.






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